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If you have any of the three classic cases about companies described here, this website will be very helpful for you. Also can RECOVERY and/or IMPROVE the company.

1. Buying or selling a COMPANY or Trade Mark.  It does not matter the size, it can be a bakery or a NASA division, the goal is to calculate the Right Price.

2. Build a factory, starting a commercial company or service company.  In this case the business still does not exist and it's called PROJECT.  The goal is to calculate the value of the project, by comparing it to the necesary investments to make it happen and see if it have added value.

3. IMPLEMENT CHANGES in an existing company, a factory or a business to see if it has added value. As examples we can mention mergins, acquisitions, new projects, launch of new products, new technology, changes in the capital structure, justifying a loan, outsourcings, factory enlargement, re-engineering, change and acquisition of new equipment.  The goal is to calculate the new value of the company, in order to see if surpassed the value before the modification plus the new investment.


"The value of a company depends on its future and the most important think in Corporate Finance is to increase the Free Cash Flow"