Increasing the company's cash flow (CF) is the most important event in the corporate world. It is not possible to demonstrate otherwise. And correctly ascertain the value of it is a mandatory condition in business acquisitions, sales of companies, fair quota for entry of new partners, and the listing does not ends. It was these two reasons why this portal was born.

The fundamentals of this portal focus on corporate finance, based on interest and risk theories, which lead us to build a CF culminating in valuate anyone who produce income. Mathematically demo.

There are two types of companies - those who are well and those who pass poorly - for which we offer 3 services:
1. Increase the CF of the companies that walk well.  It's called Improvement.
2. Increase the CF of the companies that pass poorly.  It's called Recovery.
3. Evaluate both companies.

Send to [email protected] by writing in the "subject" of the e-mail the word IMPROVE, describing your broad needs, to receive a descriptive solution to your interests.

For personalized attention, contact us to: Landline (11) 5524.7141 or Mobile + 55 (11) 97377.2912 (whatsapp).
Click here and access more technical fundamentals about the CF if you are interested.

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Mr. CEO, we can help your company to increase the most important key in the business world: MONTHLY PROFIT, more accurate than CASH FLOW.  More information on Letter for you.  After one year increasing profits we can evaluate your company and confirm VALUE increasement.

This portal contains fifteen unpublished articles, in order to improve the decisions of entrepreneurs by increasing their knowledge in finance besides an easy reading for beginners.

1. Regardless of the size of your business and whether it goes well or not, we can INCREASE THE CASH FLOW. See central button "Improve/Recovery" (at the end).
2. Applying the right EVALUATION technology, getting the Expected Fair Value of your company. See the "Do not negociate before Appraising" and "Reliability Test of an Appraisal" buttons. If you are going to hire a consultancy to evaluate, make sure they can pass the "Reliability Tests".  We can give support.

We have 24 years of business valuation experience and 2 in improvement/recovery. Fast in self-audit data collection and delivery, technical references, value accuracy, internal and external confidentiality, no loans, fair fees to client's capacity.
The site is organized into 2 groups. For Improvement/Recovery (Home/HomePage), for Valuation (Home/HomePage2). You are at HomePage. English version under construction and repairs.


"The value of a company depends on its future, not its past, and the most important action in business world is to increase the Cash Flow"