In April 2020, in São Paulo, Brazil, we managed to win on paper, that is, theoretically, the lethal effect that this virus generates in the business world. It is now lacking to demonstrate success with real results of recovery of companies on the way to bankruptcy.

The terror of a deadly pandemic for the world economy is apparent. See that after World War II the world recovered.

It's not a vaccine. It's a cure. We offer our technology for free to entrepreneurs. Two companies are currently being served and if the results are confirmed in them and many others, it will undoubtedly be an advance in administration and history of man survival.

Mankind will not disappear because 25% of people do not feel the stricness of the disease. They're asymptomatic. Their antibody production protects them. Only you prevent the virus from reaching your mouth, nose or eyes and washing your hands if you touched anything suspicious. Let us hope soon to be able to confirm that the rate of recovery is high and so the world will return ready to normal with the help of the Creator.

Contact us to [email protected], or (55 11) 5524.7141 or + 55 11 97377.2912.

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Mr. CEO, we can help your company to increase the most important key in the business world: MONTHLY PROFIT (spanish version), just more accurate than CASH FLOW.

It will explain to you if you are going on the right way knowing if you have advanced or retreated. This means to establish if you have won or lost money in those 30 days. Measuring is not so easy because the unit costs of the products sold are difficult to calculate.

More information on Letter for the Entrepreneur (spanish version). After one year of increasing profits we can evaluate your company and confirm VALUE increasement.

1. Regardless of the size of your business and whether it goes well or not, we can INCREASE THE CASH FLOW. See central button "Improve/Recovery" (at the end).
2. Applying the right EVALUATION methodology, we obtain the Expected Fair Value of your company. See the "Do not negociate before Appraising" and "Reliability Test of an Appraisal" buttons. If you are going to hire a consultancy to evaluate, make sure they can pass the "Reliability Tests".  We can give support.

We have 24 years of business valuation experience and 3 in improvement/recovery. Efficient in self-audit data collection-delivery, technical references, value accuracy, no loans, internal and external confidentiality, fair fees to client's capacity. The site is organized into 2 groups. For Improvement/Recovery (Home/HomePage), for Valuation (Home/HomePage2). You are at HomePage.


If you've made it this far, you'll be about to experience the feeling of discover something relevant in business life. It will depend on the reading of the 19 papers that allowed you to confirm whether it is real or imaginary. English version under improves.

"The value of a company depends on its future, not its past, and the most important action in business world is to increase the Cash Flow"