99% of world investments are consolidaded in 5 big markets:

  1. The CURRENT market, where investor buy and sell moneys.

  2. The BOND market, where investor trades bonds and their similars, that are lender contrats between companies (or govern) with investors, generating profits for invetors called interests.

  3. The STOCK market, where investor buy and sell stocks obtaning a gain in a big market (stock exhange) and, making also profits in a restrict market (limited players) that are the trade with intrinsical valuation of companies, projects and modification of companies.

  4. The COMMODITIES market, where investor trades standard products like gold, cattle and cotton.

  5. And, finally, the REAL ESTATE market where investor in general trades with properties like lands, buildings and houses.

Our site support only the needs of the market restricted to companies (item 3), calculating the Expected Price, being a company, a project (companies to build) or a modification (fusions, acquisitions, brands, capital estructure, and others numberless situations).

"Always invest on needies people without hurting his honor, as in traditional companies which pays high yields"