• Temporal GENERAL DIRECTOR of a company until its recuperations.
  • Manage the creation of a start-up company or project.   Management of the project, funds, financial loans, budgets, purchases, contracts with manufacturers, and personnel recruitment.  A turn-key project.
  • General knowledge in ACCOUNTING, ADMINISTRATION, COMPUTING, ENGINEERING, FINANCE, PROJECTS, SALES, and the implementation and management of Investment Projects.


  • Implementation and start-up of investment projects. Financial analysis of several investment projects with the Zarocat Group (Vicenza, Italy). Analysis of the Fibas project (development of mineral wool for use in thermal insulation) in Barranquilla, Colombia. Participation in the assembly team of a pharmaceutical laboratory valued at US$ 8 million in São Paulo, Brazil.(Projects).
  • Engineering of projects, process maintenance and procedure manuals. Supervision of aircraft support involving the interpretation and use of technical maintenance manuals, repair and modification of commercial aircraft (Boeing 707, 727, Airbus A300). (Engineering).
  • Development of programs to diagnose managerial problems in connection with acquisitions, production and administration. The application KALILE constantly performs a check-up of the company's situation and performs projections of the results up to 138 months. (Computing).
  • Sales, trade and development of business. Use of new, non-orthodox methods resulting in the maximization of objectives. In 5 years, the company Nortex had an appreciable increase in its equity using Gross Margins on Sales of 14%. (Marketing).
  • Organization of the administrative structure of a start-up company with projections of short and medium term requirements (Administration).
  • Elaboration of more practical accounting methods than traditionally used and shift to Throughput Accounting (TOC) instead of Activity-Based Costing (ABC). (Accounting and Costs).
  • Financial Analysis of Investment Projects, Cash Flows, Financial Projections. Analysis of investments in financial markets. (Finance).


  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Foodstuffs, Aviation and Commercial Trade.


  • Free Lance of many consultant companies in Valuation area, with more than 40 valuations in the brazilian market. São Paulo, since Jan/99.
  • Professor of the Corporate Finance course “How is the value of my company” and teaching Mathematics and Physics Sciences for terminal students.
  • COLBRAS IND. COM. LTDA. (Pharmaceutical laboratory producing gelatin capsules). Projection of sales of US$ 3 million for the first year.  SET UP DIRECTOR (Analysis, feasibility and assembly of the project and beginning of operations).  São Paulo, October of 1994-February of 1997 (2¼ years).
  • NORTEX LTDA (Agency dealer of fabrics). GENERAL MANAGER (Purchases, Sales, cash flows, Marketing, Financial and Accounting Analyses, Treasury).  Barranquilla, April of 1988 to November of 1992 (5 years).
  • AARON DAYAN e HIJOS LTDA (General Dealer). ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER (Inventory control, treasury, credit control, financial analysis, industrial safety).  Barranquilla, from November 1979 to March 1988 (9 years).
  • AEROCONDOR (International passenger and cargo air transport). ENGINEERING ASSISTANT (Division of Structures). Absorption of all technical information of the aircraft manufacturer, planning and programming aircraft maintenance, and consultant to the mechanics. Barranquilla, June of 1975 to November of 1979 (4 ½ years).


  • Economic viability in hotel, minery, and insurance projects.
  • COLBRAS - Feasibility study, construction, assembly and operation.
  • AEROCONDOR - Information technology. Aircraft maintenance.
  • CARULLA-Product development and Marketing for sale to supermarket chains.
  • EPM - Developed selective garbage collection for recycling in Barranquilla.



  • Executive MBA, Business School São Paulo, Brazil and University of Toronto, Canada. March/97-May/98.
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Universidad del Norte. Barranquilla, Colombia, entrance in 1972 and conclusion in 1975.
  • Naval Architecture, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Navales. Madrid Spain (May/1968 to September/1971).


  • Financial Administration. Intensive courses. Barranquilla, Colombia (1975).
  • Course in administration and operation of aircraft maintenance at Bavarian Germanair. Frankfurt, Germany (October of 1979).
  • General maintenance of aircraft, Airbus Industrie A-300 in the training center in Aeroformation. Toulouse, France (August-September of 1979).


  • Fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.  Acceptable in English.

Tel: (55) (11) 5524.7141 e 973.772.912 - São Paulo - Brasil